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I'm not sure when it happened. I don't know if it was the pansies my aunt would put in her hanging baskets every year or the morning glories & queen anne's lace on the side of the road beside my grandparent's home. But somewhere in there, flowers happened to me, & I never really went back. My favorite weddings feel organic, like the flowers grew there on the tablescapes or were just cut right out of the garden

. I believe arranging this small, yet incredible, part of nature is an artform - something to be honed & perfected. Flowers happened to me, & I consider it a privilege anytime I get to let them happen to someone else

as well. -Santara McGlynn

Commonly Asked Questions:

-What exactly is a floral designer/studio florist? So, because I run a studio out of my home, I'm not a florist that you can call to buy an arrangement from for your sister's birthday. I (usually) only do flowers for events & weddings. Also, floral designers consider themselves to be different than your run of the mill florist from up the road. I try to source in-season flowers from local farms (if possible). I also consider the stylistic difference to vary greatly. 

-How do I meet with you if you don't have a shop? Shoot an email my way (santaraflowers@gmail.com) & I will be happy to set up a consultation with you, along with sending pricing information. 

-Why are flowers so expensive? This is a biggy. I understand. However, this is why... Every stem is touched countless times. When you hire a floral designer, you are paying someone to create a custom floral palette, calculate how many flowers go in each arrangement, order your flowers, pick up your flowers from a wholesaler, purchase/rent vases, care for & process the flowers (trim stems, pull of leaves, take off all the thorns), scrub lots and lot and LOTS of buckets, carry around and haul said buckets, create beautiful floral works of art, keep said works of flower art alive and looking their best for your big day, deliver them without dying (because driving to these farms, down the winding backroads-where everyone keeps getting married-with a van full of flowers-in vases-without wrecking or destroying the contents-is an accomplishment in and of itself), make a giant flowered arch for you to get married under, set out all of your arrangements, deliver the bouquets, corsages, & boutonnieres on time before pictures, & then come back to clean up.