Santara Flowers

artisan florist



It’s my goal that each bride feel as though her bouquet is a dutch floral painting come to life -lush, romantic, & one of a kind.

Oh my gosh where do I even begin? When Santara showed up on my wedding day, that’s when the emotional experience began. Her work did more than just “up” the aesthetic of our wedding, it left an imprint on our hearts. The best part was when she decorated my father’s grave with an arrangement that matched my bouquet. I wish I had the words to express how that small detail impacted the day for me. Because of Santara’s creativity, I felt connected with my dad...that’s an experience money can’t buy. Before I walked through the front doors of the church, I glanced across the street at my dad’s tombstone, held my bouquet of flowers up with cheer, and turned around to walk down the aisle with my brother. Those flowers made it feel like he walked with us. I didn’t know flowers had that kind of power.
— Dani Mangum, SF Bride

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